‘I Have a Secret, Can You Keep It?’

22 Sep

illustration hand shh-ing with rings by Sarah and Sebastian and Karen Walker


We all have that local shop that if you dare step inside you know you’re going to drop more than you’d intended to on a Sunday afternoon.

It could be the deli and you’ve somehow bought enough Sicilian olives, provolone and cured meats to feed an entire family, or the natural therapies and cosmetics store, and you’ve walked out with three types of herbal teas and a bunch of calming bath salts because you’re going to need it when you’re credit card bill arrives.

For me, I’m known to do all of the above. But my biggest weakness is Pretty Dog, a fashion boutique in Newtown. It’s where I bought the pictured rings – years apart – but both were meant to be chilled out Sundays (not spend all your savings Sundays!).

Shop now:

Trinity Gold Crown Ring in Gold – Sarah and Sebastian

Mini Skull Ring in Gold – Karen Walker

‘Hello Spring’

1 Sep

petite street illustration: HELLO SPRING


And the Sydney sun was showing off, alright!

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‘Starry Eyed’

31 Aug

petite street illustration: Charlotte Olympia Bao Bao Perspex box clutch


If I had to choose a favourite animal it would most definitely be the panda – of any species. So naturally I had to draw this clutch by Charlotte Olympia.

A few months ago I headed four hours south of Sydney to Mogo Zoo where I encountered two very cheeky red pandas who kept stealing food from the palm of my hand when I wasn’t paying attention.

So that’s why I decided to add the winking eye. Sorry Bao Bao, not sure if you’re a mischievous one but you are now.

And if you’re anything like this one who faked a pregnancy so she could her own suite at the zoo, I don’t feel so sorry for giving you that come-hither look.

Shop now:

Charlotte Olympia Bao Bao Perspex box clutch – Net-a-porter

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‘Everything I Need in Life’

27 Aug

petite street illustration: Nutella, iPhone, red lips and beach waves



If you were going away from an undetermined amount of time what would you pack?

These are just some of the things I always have with me when I travel. They all prove quite handy for all occasions and can take you from day to night, yes even the Nutella.

Petites like us need a mid-arvo and an evening pick-me-up.

Shop now:

Nutella – Woolworths

‘Rio Rio’ red lipstick – Topshop Lips

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray – Mecca Cosmetica

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‘The formula to my heart’

27 Aug

'The formula to my heart'


“Don’t talk to me until you’ve given me coffee. Then I’ll love you forever.” – T-Loh, 2014

Back when I was young and foolish I gave up coffee cold turkey. I had headaches and shaky hands for days (you’ve got to remember that I’m pint-sized).

Once I made that decision I stuck to it. And bar the early morning starts in which coffees lattes are a requirement, I can proudly say I’ve been relapse free.

That is until I met the chai lattes at Brooklyn Hide – you can try walk past but will be lured in by the smell of delicious braised pork shoulder (unless of course you don’t eat pork in which case – you’re a fool).

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