18 Dec

petite street drawing of train on Sydney harbour bridge

On Monday night I stayed up late glued to the Sydney siege coverage.

Unable to sleep I drew a Millennium train crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset.

As previously seen with other viral hashtags designed to raise awareness, #illridewithyou was quickly losing its meaning as it grew on social media.

While other illustrators chose to cover their #illridewithyou creations in frivolous kisses (who kisses strangers?), I chose to stay true to Rachael Jacobs’ moment with the Muslim woman who felt pressured to remove her head scarf on a Sydney train.

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‘Cult Status’

6 Dec

petite street illustration: Best Sephora Sydney beauty buys


While I’m not usually a beauty addict but Sephora can very quickly turn me into one. I blame the perfume fumes.

I lost my mind in the flagship store on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, so you bet I was excited about the beauty department opening in Sydney – and only a 15-minute walk from my work (hello, lunch time pick-me-ups).

One of the biggest fears of beauty fanatics was that while Sephora was going to bring a massive product offering previously unheard of to Aussies, but they were also going to jack up the prices.

Reps of the cosmetic retailer have since made it clear that the will be adopting US pricing models – win! So next time you’re abroad you won’t buy an extra suitcase just for your beauty haul (which means more kilos for when you raid Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone!).

Here’s what I’ll be gifting myself this Christmas:

Sephora Collection Kiss Me Balm in Melon Sorbet

Sephora Collection Smart Liner

Formula X nail polish in Outrageous (Lavender Mist) 

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‘Toughen Up’

30 Nov

petite street: Jeremy Scott x Moschino leather biker jacket backpack illustration

Because I’ve never met a biker jacket that I didn’t like.

And this Moschino one is no different – especially because it’s really a backpack and we all know how much I love them.

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‘Enough to Make You Giddy’

29 Nov

petite street: Spring racing accessories illustration by Tiffany Loh

I’ve never had much at when it comes to gambling.

If you want something to happen then make it happen. If you want to have a great day, make sure you look great. Sappy, yes. True, yes.

But now you won’t waste your whole day at the races waiting for your luck to turn around. Okay, you’re now free to vomit (if not from that bit of cheesy advice, then from having too much champagne).

Shop now:

Ice cream creations – Nectar and Stone

Mini Origami Envelope – Mimco

Mumm Champagne

Crystal Ears  – Amber Sceats

‘I Have a Secret, Can You Keep It?’

22 Sep

illustration hand shh-ing with rings by Sarah and Sebastian and Karen Walker


We all have that local shop that if you dare step inside you know you’re going to drop more than you’d intended to on a Sunday afternoon.

It could be the deli and you’ve somehow bought enough Sicilian olives, provolone and cured meats to feed an entire family, or the natural therapies and cosmetics store, and you’ve walked out with three types of herbal teas and a bunch of calming bath salts because you’re going to need it when you’re credit card bill arrives.

For me, I’m known to do all of the above. But my biggest weakness is Pretty Dog, a fashion boutique in Newtown. It’s where I bought the pictured rings – years apart – but both were meant to be chilled out Sundays (not spend all your savings Sundays!).

Shop now:

Trinity Gold Crown Ring in Gold – Sarah and Sebastian

Mini Skull Ring in Gold – Karen Walker

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